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Squirt Review: Just Fakes Or Real Dates?

Squirt Review: Just Fakes Or Real Dates?
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 40%
Popular Age 35-45
Profiles 455 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 6.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Large member base: Squirt has a large user base, which amounts to around half a million users. As such, there are many options and chances for men to find other men and engage in hookups, dates, and more.
  • Detailed profiles: The profiles are complicated and contain various kinds of information about a person on Squirt. This detailed profile helps ensure if the person on the other side of the screen has what you are looking for on the platform.
  • Location-based search: It's effortless to search for men to hook up with within your area thanks to Squirt's location-centric feature. It ensures that you will know about potential partners quickly and be able to communicate with them.
  • Long-term dating: Squirt isn't for those men who are looking for long-term relationships specifically. It's very widely known as a hookup site.
  • Uncensored: Profile pictures are uncensored on Squirt. It might make some people uncomfortable to get on the site and find nude photos.
  • Difficulty in navigation: Squirt feels cramped with all the features and such. It feels like it is still living in 2009, while everyone else is iюn 2020. Overall, it takes a little time to learn everything and then use it.
  • Mobile site: The mobile site is not very easy to use. It offers minimal use and functionality. You will find that the website's mobile version is only suitable for messaging and other features.

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Squirt was founded in 1999 by the Pink Triangle Press. The website headquarter in Canada describes itself as a place where men meet each other for cruising, sex, fun, friendship, hookups, and dating. You will find gay men as well as transsexual men on the site for dating. So squirt is one of the more inclusive gay dating sites. Squirt has its roots in Canada but its user-generated listings are available for various global locations. Places like saunas, parks, and public toilets are popular places to have sex with other men. The listings include a general description regarding the user location as well as how one can get there. Some listings have a section dedicated to pet peeves, police activity, security monitoring, and more. All locations have a specific comment section where various people can tell their personal experience of visiting the user location.

On Squirt, the profiles are uncensored, and the site comes with lots of users profiles that cater to live-cam chatrooms, serve for standard hookups, gay cruising spots, and more. You will even be able to read erotic stories written by other users. As such, it does come across as a one-in-all-site. But just reading this little paragraph might not have answered all the questions you have about the site. After all, before signing up, there are a few questions everyone will have about Squirt. It’s essential to know how safe it is, how to sign up for it, what others think about it, and more. So, to help you make up your mind, here’s a full Squirt review.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of The Sites?

What Kind Of Audience Does This Place Draw?

Squirt is a hookup and dating site for adult men. It is mainly used by people who are into casual sex. Once you log in and begin checking out the profiles, chat boards, and such, you will find that Squirt is a site that is full of hot men looking for mostly zero strings attached fun. You will find gay men and transsexual men on here who are waiting to match and find partners. It is a site that has is open to transsexual users who can use it as one of the gay dating sites.

What Is The Age Distribution Here?

Gay men widely use the Squirt website for hookups and casual sex. As such, it is a site that is only used by gay men along with transsexuals. So it is a friendly transsexual dating site. As one can expect, women don’t come to this site since there’s nothing to interest them. As for the male users’ demographic distribution in this site, there are adult men above 50 years of age on this site, and young ones as men above 18 years of age can only use a minimum criteria Squirt website. The site is strictly moderated, and anyone below 18 years of age is not allowed. There have been multiple reports of people being banned even because they talked about young under-aged boys on a message board. You can also find many transgender individuals on this platform as it is one of the gay dating sites.

How Does The Site Deal With Fakes And Scammers

Fake profiles and people looking to scam others out of their money or personal details abound on every site. It isn’t an exception here as well. There are indeed people looking to use Squirt for something other than what it was intended to be. But to safeguard the interests of its users, the Squirt makes sure that no registered user can see any profile at all. At the very least, it protects the primary attractions and privacy of a member.

Any member can add multiple nude photos of themselves, which are viewable by any other member. But Squirt also offers an option to add private-photos of yourself, which are only viewable only by some approved-by-you members. You also don’t have to worry about anyone intercepting your messages and outing you. All the Squirt messages are passed through a secure SSL connection that ensures that it is technically impossible to hack into anything.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Squirt is a site which is very convenient to use. It is a safe harbor for gay and transsexual men to hook up with each other. But when it comes to signing up for it, the process isn’t easy at all. It is quite lengthy. If you are thinking of signing up for Squirt, then you must have spare five to ten minutes for it.

How to sign up for squirt?

To sign up, you will first have to go to the Squirt website and then click on the signup option. From there, you will be redirected to a page where various kinds of questions will be asked. First, you will have to select your preferred gender identity and all the gender identities you hope to meet. Then you will have to put in your mail ID as well as establish a strong password to use. Next, you will have to choose your username. Try to choose a name that captures your attitude as well as tone. Now you will have to enter your location.

There are more questions apart from the above since this questionnaire aims to find out more about you and your preferences. You will be asked about everything from your sexual experiences to your physical features. The list will be very long, so you must have the patience to sit through and fill all of it up. Once you are done filling it up, you will have to click on continue/submit. After this, various Squirt reviews have mentioned that you will get an email asking to confirm your validity, and once you click on the link there, you will be able to access the Squirt website.

How to add someone?

There are multiple ways to reach out to someone if you like them on Squirt. Know that you will be able to add them easily to your buddy list. It will allow you to visit their profile later on. If you want to see someone’s private photos, then you will be able to request them to add you to their approved members list on Squirt and share them. You will also be able to send a letter using the site’s mailing system to the object of your desire. In your letter, you will be able to attach photos along with your message. But do note that the image linking feature is only available for the paying members of Squirt.

How to chat with someone?

Once your account has been registered, you will be ready to start chatting on Squirt. If you want to find out who is up for some chatting, then scroll through the list of all the members who match your preferred criteria. Once you locate those people, then it’s easy to begin a conversation. You will be able to send a message to someone you like on Squirt using email, or if you have a webcam, you will be able to talk to them through a video call.

How to meet someone?

There are different kinds of search options on Squirt, which will let you search for various members according to your preference. You will be able to use the quick-search option to look for interested people located close to you. Another option is the advanced search where you will specify the kind of place or places you are thinking of visiting, like a park, sauna, or such. The last search option is the target search feature. But note that only upgrade members will be able to avail this feature. With the help of this, you will fine-tune your search since you will select distance to ideal cruising spots, specific cities, and more.

You will use the ‘Cruise Now’ results to look at the cruise listings present in the area you have registered from. It will help you meet someone who is near your location.

What Are The Special Features Of Squirt?<

What Are The Special Features Of Squirt?

Squirt website has a lot of desirable features. It is the reason why it has a user base of more than half a million. These are the features which give Squirt an edge:

  1. Favorites: You will be able to make a curated list of all the spots which you like. It will allow you to search for someone on Squirt who is willing to hook up in that spot.

  2. Profile photo: You will be able to put up uncensored profile photos on the Squirt website without facing any backlash. If you are here to flaunt your body and your goods, then do make use of this. But of course, you will have the option of making your picture private if you want.
  3. Profile video: You will be able to put up a profile video on your page. It will undoubtedly help make you different and attract more attention to you.
  4. Blocking: If you don’t like someone’s advances, you will block them easily. It will be useful if you are being spammed with messages from someone you have no interest in.

  5. Group chat: The group chat service will let you talk to all the other members who are logged in to Squirt when you are as well. If you like talking to someone and want to take it further, you will privately speak with them.

  6. Thousands of locations: Any Squirt review puts this as the highlight of the app. There are thousands of cruising areas that you will have the ability to hook up with many other guys. You will even be able to see the pictures of all the locations. It will help you decide which place you want to go to.
  7. Chat: You will chat with the other users using Instant Messaging, webcam, and email features.
  8. Adult photos: You will be able to check out xxx adult pics and watch private webcam shows. What’s more is that you will be able to read erotic stories as well. It is another feature that any Squirt review is bound to appreciate.
  9. Rate locations: You will be able to rate areas, take directions, and learn more about where you can meet guys.

Is There A Mobile Application?

Squirt doesn’t have any mobile app. But it does have a mobile-optimized site which you can make use of on the go. You will get a lot of the very same features which you get on the desktop Squirt website. Of course, a mobile site isn’t as convenient as an app, but it’s still usable, especially if you just want to engage in messaging. Nevertheless, looking at the website’s growing popularity, the platform may soon launch an app for the users.

What Kind Of Audience Does This Place Draw?

What Are The Free Services On The Site?

Squirt does have a lot of free features for potential members to use. It will help them decide if they want to become upgraded paying members. Here are the features which are free of con the Squirt website:

  1. Registration: It’s free to sign up on the website. You don’t have to pay anything for it. Also, you can set up your user profile without having to pay for it.
  2. Cruise listings: You will be able to see all the cruise listings, but you won’t be able to see the maps, photos, website information, and contact information.
  3. Quick search: You will be able to access the quick search feature to look at various members in your nearby area. But know that you won’t be able to target search to find someone who falls within your preferred location.
  4. Member videos: Free users will be able to watch one member-video on a per-day basis.

What Are The Fee-Based Services Here?

Squirt offers a lot of beneficial fee-based services. You will find that you will access a lot more information about members and locations if you pay for it. These paid features are:

Cruising locations: Paid members will be able to check all the cruising locations. They will access maps to the area, print them out, get links, and more.

Member videos: You will be able to watch all member videos without any kind of restriction.

Search: You will be able to search quickly, target search, and engage in advanced search to find the partner you want.

Pictures: You will be able to attach photos to your messages to various members. While writing is free, only paid members will be able to enclose pictures with their emails.

When it comes to the paying structure, this is what you can choose from on the Squirt website:

Time Costs
One week $3.97
One month $8.97
Three months $22.97
Six months $36.97
12 months $55.97

Are There Privacy Concerns On Squirt?

Are There Privacy Concerns On Squirt?

Privacy is always the biggest question on any kind of dating site. But it becomes more so on the websites which are made explicitly for hookups and casual sex. On Squirt, your privacy is generally assured. For one, your profile picture can only be viewed by those people who are registered. You will also get the option of hiding your profile picture so that only your approved members can view it. If you are being spammed by someone you are not interested in, you will block them as well.

While on a date or while talking to someone, if you feel like someone is behaving weirdly, then you can report them to the Squirt website’s official help page. It will help them deal with spam or other weird business.

What Do Real-Life Users Say About Squirt?

What Do Real-Life Users Say About Squirt?

Squirt reviews tend always to progress down the same trajectory. For one, most reviews always say that the experience starts as significant, especially for people who have been using the site for around a decade. But many people have recently opted to leave the website due to security concerns. Multiple Squirt reviews have stated that they were uncomfortable because once a picture was made public, it couldn’t be made private again. It was there for the entire world to see. Despite these issues, general Squirt reviews have stated that the site is right for hookups and un-picky casual sex.

Are The Profiles On Squirt Real?

Most of the profiles on the Squirt website are real. The registration process is very lengthy, and there are verification checks done to ensure the person behind the name is accurate. If users find a fake account, then they can report it to Squirt’s help center.

Is It Difficult To Sign Up?

It is not difficult to sign up for Squirt, but it is a little time taking process. You will need to keep five or ten minutes aside to complete the entire thing. The list of sign up questions is enormous because it aims to know you and your preferences well to get accurate matches.



Squirt is a site that is suitable for any gay male looking for hookups or casual sex. Since the site is transsexual friendly, you will be able to find potential transsexual partners here. It is the LGBTQ community’s one-stop destination to find the best gay or trans companion for themselves. Free registration and exciting and engaging features on the platform make it more enjoyable for the users. So Squirt is one of the more friendly gay dating sites. The website is pretty cramped and not very easy to navigate at a glance. You need to take some time and learn it all. But once you can navigate it, you will be able to utilize the various kinds of Squirt search features to look for your ideal hookup date.

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