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PlentyofFish Review: Is It A Fake Or Real Platform

PlentyofFish Review: Is It A Fake Or Real Platform
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Active Audience 90%
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Popular Age 30-35
Profiles 590 800
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • PlentyofFish website has an extremely user-oriented approach. The convenience and the ease to operate the website is the primary motive behind the platform.
  • The advanced search filters included in the website makes sure of the desired results.
  • There are no limitations on sending messages to the other members. It can be easily done without escalating to the paid membership.
  • It caters to all, in terms of casual daters to someone seeking a life partner. It treats everyone with the same seriousness, irrespective of the level of commitment.
  • The vast member database gives you to choose your partner from the varied choice options. You can choose your partner depending upon location, educational qualification, social opinion, background, profession, etc.
  • Since it is a global platform, the chances of getting an ideal partner are much higher, even if you reside in a small suburb or city.
  • A huge member database works as a disadvantage, too; a lot of time is needed to come across an actual date. It requires a lot of time and research before you can pin down your choice.
  • Due to the size of the user base. There is a big chance of coming across fake profiles or people who are not serious or have malicious intentions. You have to keep your eyes open and do detail research before you are ready to give into a relationship.
  • There is a lot of unpleasant competition on the platform in luring an attractive partner due to many members present on the platform.
  • The customer support can only be contacted through email, which sometimes makes the members feel insecure.

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PlentyofFish integrates the functions of online dating and match-making services under one roof, making it one of the most popular online dating platforms. Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest is a choice. Suppose you have been busy trying all the loose ends and didn’t get a chance to relax and get all the love you deserve, and also you are not sure where to start from. In that case, PlentyofFish Review takes you through the details of this beautiful online dating application, which is the key to your happiness and fulfillment. Although PlentyofFish does not fulfill the purpose of a transsexual dating site but is a sure-shot solution to the desires of the straight singles aspiring to find a faithful companion.

If you are a professional, the competition at the workplace and the demanding job profiles, the extra workload, and leading a stressful life do not allow you to have the thought and energy to fill the vacuum created in personal life. After the tiresome week, you are, sometimes, forced to pass your weekends alone, doing nothing that pleases or relaxes you. Saving you all the trouble and getting the zing back into your life is just a click away with PlentyofFish. You can simply register on this platform and sit back and relax. The rest of it is well taken care of by this fantastic dating platform.

PlentyofFish was founded in 2003 by Markus Frind. It was initially launched in Vancouver. With the increasing popularity, it gradually expanded in Brazil, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States. Its user-friendliness and effortless ease to operate have won the trust of its users’ massive community, out of which many have been able to realize their search for an ideal partner.

Through the PlentyofFish Review, let us take a sneak peek into the pros and cons of this platform.

PlentyofFish Review: Is It A Fake Or Real Platform

Profile Quality- What Kind Of Members Are Present On The Platform?

PlentyofFish is a gigantic platform with millions of members worldwide, belonging to different castes, creed, race, ethnicity, and backgrounds. Despite the diversity, they all assemble under one roof with PlentyofFish online dating application to discover the fulfillment path.

The profiles quality on PlentyofFish website is inclusive and diverse enough to give a decent touch of the member’s personality regarding their backgrounds, social status, educational background, social point of view, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and much more. As per the PlentyofFish Reviews, there are 2,000,000 daily logins, on an average, which in itself vouch for this fantastic platform’s success.

Profile Quality- What Kind Of Members Are Present On The Platform?

Age Distribution Pattern And Member Structure On The Platform

According to the PlentyofFish Reviews, along with the ever-increasing number of daily logins, which are not restricted to any particular area, most active members on the platform are United States residents, with the sprawling number of 78,000000 subscribers. The gender breakdown of the total number of members consists of 40% females and 60% males. The majority of the members on PlentyofFish are from the age group ranging from 25 years to 34 years, which makes it a popular online dating website with the young generation, especially.

Age Distribution Pattern And Member Structure On The Platform

Are The Accounts Real Or Fake?

The accounts on the website are real and trustworthy. The designs of the PlentyofFish website are well crafted and takes extra care during the signing up procedure. It prompts the members to shell detailed information about them and ensures that they verify it through email verification and telephonic confirmation. To ensure safety and reliability, the platform has put checks at regular intervals, conducted not only by the internal staff but also by the external security agencies engaged.

Since PlentyofFish is a gigantic platform with global users, it is not possible to make it error-free. In case there is a notorious activity noticed on the platform, even the members are given the allowance to bring it to the notice of the security team through email. The prompt action taken on the complaint has always encouraged the members to be equally aware and responsible.

Are The Accounts Real Or Fake?

Sign-Up And Login Procedure- How Does It Work?

The signing-up procedure on PlentyofFish is effortless and plain-sailing. It hardly takes much of your valuable time. First, you need to visit the website’s homepage and answer simple and basic questions, not optional. It is mandatory to answer these questions to get started. The questions are related to the personal information you need to share on the platform, like, age, gender, sexual orientation, and location.

You are then required to share your email address, which should be legitimate and in use. A valid phone number is a next thing on the list to get started. Since the members here belong to different parts of the world, you can also specify the preferred language you want to proceed with while registering.

Unlike other online dating platforms, there is no provision to link your other social media accounts to the PlentyofFish account. It is beneficial that whatever information you share here remains very much with this platform, which respects your privacy, for such a private and personal reason. Although to make it easy and increase the comfort, you can upload your pictures directly from the other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

After completing the above procedure, you have to secure your account with a catchy username and a strong password. The username depicts your first impression on the other members, so PlentyofFish reviews recommend selecting a username that somewhat reflects yourself as a person. There you go! All set to explore the enticing world of dreams!

Sign-Up And Login Procedure- How Does It Work

Special Features Of PlentyofFish- Features That Make It Exceptional

Whenever a person is searching for a partner on an online dating platform, they expect a simplified user interface and a pleasing design, making the entire dating experience a memorable one. The exclusive features that make the whole journey worth treasuring are as follows:

  1. Chemistry Predictor is an exclusive feature present on the PlentyofFish website. As the name suggests, it calculates and assesses the percentage of compatibility between two likely partners, depending on the information shared by both, on the platform. It considers the answers given to the questions regarding requires you to answer the questions regarding social issues, psychological aspects, views on sex, keeper test, etc. Your honest answers enable the algorithm of the website to put forth close and realistic matches.
  2. Another exciting feature present on the website is the Meet Me feature, fun and extremely simple. PlentyofFish website’s algorithm suggests and brings forth profile pictures of the members that can be likely partners for your consideration. You are asked to put a checkmark and approve of the member if they are your type. In case it is a green signal from both sides, you are game and good to get started.
  3. Today’s Catch is the highlighting feature present in “Meet Me,” which puts the profile in the spotlight and can be viewed by more members on the platform.
  4. UltraMatch is another distinctive feature encapsulated on the PlentyofFish website. The website’s algorithm compares and evaluates other members’ profiles, compiles it in a list, and displays it for your consideration. The members of this list are the ones that are most compatible and are the closest match for you.
  5. Super Yes is another feature, a part of the ‘Meet Me” section, which calculates interest shown by you in a particular member. The chances of finding a match are enhanced by 50% if you choose “Super Yes.”
  6. Automatic Profiling or Decision Making is the feature that is entirely handled by the website’s algorithm. It decides in the user’s best interest and advantage, depending on the members’ information.
  7. Nearby feature present on PlentyofFish, allows you to choose your potential date, with increased convenience in proximity. It collects and displays a list of members staying close to your location, which makes it more comfortable to get in touch and speeds up the process of taking your relationship to the next level, saving a lot of your precious time.
  8. Top Prospects feature facilitates the search process and makes it systematic for you by preparing a list of members you have frequently contacted in the last 30 days. So if you want to reconsider a choice, you can instantly do so by using this feature.

Special Features Of PlentyofFish- Features That Make It Exceptional

Mobile Application Version- Is It Easy To Use?

PlentyofFish Review gives you detailed knowledge of the platform to apprise you of all that this excellent platform offers. PlentyofFish is launched as a website version and as a mobile application to facilitate its members.

It is not necessarily always that you are sitting in the comfort of your home or your office when you wish to think and plan for an upcoming weekend or want to believe and go ahead with planning about your personal life. Personal life can never take a back seat. You might want to go along with thinking, planning, and do something about it, even when you are out for work or traveling. To make it accessible in any situation, PlentyofFish has a well-crafted mobile application to help you with the same.

The mobile application has all the features that the website version has, and it is compatible with all Android phones and iPhones. With the apparent advantage of the latest technically updated phones over the desktop or laptop, the mobile application is the preferred option. It provides you with absolute ease of operation.

Mobile Application Version- Is It Easy To Use?

Features Available With The Free Membership

The free users of PlentyofFish can enjoy the basic features present on the website, which are sure to give you a head start in the journey of the dating world. The features entitle you to:

  1. Registration- It is free to register on the platform.
  2. Profile creation- You can create your profile after registering. It does not cost you a dime.
  3. You can view the profiles and status of the members. If the member, who catches your eye, is online, you can instantly connect without wasting any time.
  4. Sending text messages and voice messages is part of the free membership, which is not present as a free feature on the competitor websites.
  5. You can add a member to your favorite list without spending any amount. Sometimes, the relationships flourish from this level.
  6. You are entitled to participate in the discussions on various platforms and let people know your social opinions, which sometimes add to your profile.
  7. As a free member you can view the nearby members, close to your location.
  8. You can take the Compatibility Predictor Test as a free member, and the algorithm of the website also suggests the matches according to the results.

Features Available With The Free Membership

Features Available With The Paid Membership

PlentyofFish allows its members to access the basic features as a free member; however, it might take a little longer to find an ideal match. To expedite your search, it is important to explore all the features. It is only possible by enrolling in the paid membership, which allows you to navigate the entire website and make the best use of all the features present. Other than the basic features, the additional features, a premium member is entitled to use in PlentyofFish are:

  1. As a paid member, you can instantly get a notification when the other member views your profile, be it the desktop version or the website’s mobile version.
  2. You can come to know the status of the sent message, which means you can know if the other member has viewed the message or ignored it.
  3. There are no pop-ups and ads.
  4. As a paid member, you can go through the extended profiles of the other members.
  5. Your profile is placed on the topmost position on the ‘Meet Me’ segment.
  6. There are more numbers of received emails.

For your information, the prices for various plans offered for paid membership on the PlentyofFish website are:

2 Months 19.35 USD/ Month 38.70 USD
4 Months 12.75 USD/ Month 51.00 USD
8 Months 10.18 USD/ Month 81.40 USD

As a paid member, you can give three virtual gifts to someone who can strike the chord, and you can purchase these gifts by using the non-refundable Tokens. The prices for the tokens are:

1 Token 1.99 USD
5 Tokens 8.95 USD
10 Tokens 16.90 USD

Safety And Privacy Procedure- How Safe Is The Platform?

Safety and security are the first concerns that might make you unsure if you want to share your personal information on a public platform or not, for an equally personal reason that involves the emotional perspective.

To make it a reliable platform where you can feel safe while sharing your info, the PlentyofFish website developers have placed the safety measure as their foremost priority. Not only they have tried to put in place procedural and electronic safety methods in place, but have also involved internal and external security agencies in ruling out any discrepancy.

The customer service is within reach of the members, round the clock. Even the members are prompted to report any suspicious action on security@pof.com. Immediate action has always encouraged the members and, therefore, has won their trust.

Real Life Reviews By The Users

PlentyofFish Reviews have always vouched for this platform as one of the world’s most sought-after free dating sites. The vast pool of users is the result of its remarkable performance in the field. You cannot stop wishing with PlentyofFish, as it is very successful, even with its free membership model. If you do not want to upgrade to the paid membership, its free features are very usable and effective to pair you up with a compatible partner, which the others in the field lack.

The ever-increasing number of members and the success stories are the feathers in the cap that have helped PlentyofFish gain popularity and have the edge over the other competitors in the field. It has proved to be one of the most viable options available for singles seeking partners to have fun and spend quality time.

Real Life Reviews By The Users

Are The Profiles Real Or Fake?

PlentyofFish website has made a sincere effort towards transparency of the platform. The profiles present here are far from being fake. As a prerequisite during the registration process, profiles are quite detailed. Moreover, the free members are allowed to upload eight profile pictures, and the premium members can upload 16 profile pictures, to get a basic idea of the member.

PlentyofFish reviews also notice that it is the first online dating platform to ban face filters in the uploaded photographs to bring more trust and transparency. It works on the principle of “what you see is what you get.” The members on the platform have a common interest in finding a like-minded partner. Anybody with other malicious intentions is instantly removed from the platform.

Registration- Is It Difficult To Register?

As already informed in the PlentyofFish Review, the signing up procedure on the platform is no sweat and is worth your time. It hardly takes 5to 10 min of your valuable time. The procedure is supported by a clear set of instructions on the PlentyofFish website, which allows you to create your profile and get started within moments. Unlike other online dating websites, you cannot connect your other social media accounts to this one, but the effort is worth it as it increases privacy. So whatever you share is safe and intact with PlentyofFish.

Epilogue – The Final Statement

The information shared in the PlentyofFish Review must have given a deep understanding of this popular online dating platform, which might not serve the purpose of a transsexual dating site, but does a remarkable job for straight singles, which are looking for some fun and thrill in their life.

It’s not about having the perfect relationship; it’s about finding someone who matches you and will go through everything without giving up. Wait no more; the fruitful end to your search is just a click away with PlentyofFish!

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