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MeetMe review: Is It A Great Mixture Of Social Networking Site And Dating Website?

MeetMe review: Is It A Great Mixture Of Social Networking Site And Dating Website?
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Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 55 680
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can register on this site quickly and for free of cost.
  • Besides the desktop version of MeetMe, you can also access the site comfortably through the mobile application on your Android or iOS devices.
  • The mobile application of MeetMe has some additional advantages and is quite user friendly.
  • Once you have completed your registration, you can send and receive text messages from any fellow member. It does not require a premium membership to access the chat feature.
  • The dating site allows you to conduct your live streams and watch the live streams organized by other members.
  • Being a mixture of social networking and dating sites, you can enjoy the features of both types of platforms on this site.
  • The advertisements displayed on both the app and the desktop version of the site may interrupt your user experience. The ads will not be removed unless you choose the premium subscription plan.
  • The profiles of members contain the necessary information, so you don't have the chance to know about a person's interests by going through their profile.
  • The search options have a lower efficiency because of little details in the profile interface.
  • As the website lacks any identity verification procedure, you can come across scammers and fake members on this site.

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In 2005, MeetMe was developed by The Meet Group as a combination of a social networking site and a dating site. Within a decade, the platform has gained popularity among single young men and women due to its various features and open-minded atmosphere.

Apart from traditional text messaging, you can enjoy modern communication features like Live streams and group chats. MeetMe gives you a great scope to become part of a vibrant community of youngsters.

Everything is designed in a youth-oriented fashion, from the user-interface to the features and logo to the website’s color theme. Are you interested in joining MeetMe? Then, this MeetMe review provides you with detailed insight into the workings of this social networking and dating platform.

Quality Of Members

Quality Of Members

The user base of MeetMe is versatile. You will get members of different age groups and cultural backgrounds on this site. Most of the members subscribe to this site for casual chats, dating, and friendship purposes. However, some members are in quest of long term relationships. Members of the user base mostly belong to American and European countries. The users remain quite active in group discussions and live streams that create a vibrant environment on this platform.

As members sign up on this site for casual and friendly relationships, not much attention is given to the profile details. Therefore, the profiles lack sufficient information about the users. Only name, ethnicity, age, location, education, gender, body type, and sexual preference are available on the profile as part of the person’s identity. Also, there are no particular guidelines regarding the uploaded photos; therefore, scammers can upload fake images.

Distribution Of Age Group

The minimum age to sign up on MeetMe is 13 years, which is different from the usual age limit of 18 years, followed by most dating platforms. However, the majority of members fall between 25 years to 35 years.

Are There Any Fake Members Or Scammers On This Site?

As MeetMe does not perform any verification procedure, it is easy for scammers and fake members to join the site. The identity of users is not examined even during the profile creation procedure. Therefore, you will come across some fake members who have a pretended identity.

How Does MeetMe Function?

How Does MeetMe Function?

The function of the MeetMe website and app is quite similar to its alternative dating sites. It starts with a registration process where the users need to put some necessary details about themselves to sign up on this site. This essential information includes name, age, location, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc. There is no procedure to verify the profile of a user. During the registration process, you will also need to choose your username and password that will help you to log into your profile after you become a registered member of MeetMe. Once the registration process is over, the members pay attention to creating a good quality profile for themselves. You will add details to your profile in the profile creation phase, such as sexual preference, relationship status, the type of your preferred relationship, height, body type, religion, ethnicity, educational qualification, etc. You can also add unlimited photographs to your profile. Though it is not compulsory to fill out all the fields of your account, you should make your profile well detailed to earn your fellow members’ reliability and interest.

Once you have created your profile with essential information and photographs, you can start searching for your suitable matches. You can search through the various available basic search filters that will let you browse other members according to location, gender, age group, sexual preference, etc. You can also send messages to your fellow members using the chat feature. MeetMe features group discussions where the members can talk to each other about different topics other than dating. Also, you can do your live streams and interact with your audiences. Even you can watch the live streams by other members. It is an excellent feature of spontaneous communication. If you are using the app of MeetMe, you will get access to some unique features like Quick Pick and Secret Admirer to choose your suitable partner. In case you want to get access to some of the subtle qualities of MeetMe, you should upgrade your membership plan to the premium level.

In case you are not feeling right after conversing with a fellow member, you can unmatch the member. Even the suspicious members who are behaving with you inappropriately or doing unlawful activities on the website can also be blocked. To solve your issues about the functionalities and security features, you can send an email or call on the helpline number to contact the customer support team of MeetMe. Therefore, the working procedure of MeetMe is quite simple and straightforward that all types of users can understand. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to access the website.

Unique Features

When it comes to advanced features, you can entirely rely on MeetMe that provides a lot of communication features to its users. These advanced features make the experience on MeetMe exceptional for users. This site’s desktop version is not functional, whereas the app version contains unique features. Some of the unique features that you can only enjoy MeetMe:

  1. Questions: If you want to initiate a conversation with a fellow member, you can use the Questions feature of the MeetMe website. Using this feature, you can send a question to your fellow member as a conversation starter. However, your identity will remain anonymous in such a case. If the fellow member chooses to reply to your question, your true identity will be revealed to that person.
  2. Secret Admirer: The feature called Secret Admirer is like a game that you can play on the MeetMe website. You receive a notification on your app in this game that tells you about a secret admirer’s presence. However, the real identity of the secret admirer is not revealed to you. Instead, you are provided with a list of various photographs of other members. Then you have to guess who the secret admirer is. You will get five chances to guess. If you cannot assume the correct person within the given time, the notification will be removed.
  3. MeetMe Live: Based on the opinion of most MeetMe reviews, Live Streaming is one of the essential features of this dating site. This feature gives users a scope for spontaneous interaction. You can start your live stream and communicate with the audience. On the other hand, you can also watch other members’ live streams and interact with them. It works like a video chat between the members. The spectators can send gifts and likes as diamonds, and users can later transform them into diamonds or app credits.
  4. QuickPick: This feature is also designed explicitly for the MeetMe App users, especially. It is almost similar to the famous ‘Swipe’ system on Tinder. In this feature, you get the recommendations of the profiles of random members. You can either like it or pass and go to the next user’s profile.

MeetMe Mobile App

According to most MeetMe reviews, the mobile app version gives you a better user experience than the desktop version. The app is designed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Also, some particular features are only offered to app users. Therefore, if you are using the desktop version, you miss the chance to access some of this app’s incredible features. The MeetMe app has speedy functionality, and you will not be annoyed by lags and glitches. Members can install the app for free on their iOS and Android devices. If you are an Android user, you can download the app from Google Play Store. On the other hand, iOS users can find the app available on Apple App Store.

Free Features

As discussed previously, MeetMe does not charge any money for registration. So, after registering on this site, you can enjoy some basic features as a free member. These free services include:

You can sign up on this dating site for free.

Free members can create their profiles with the necessary information and attractive photographs.

It is allowed to browse for suitable matches using the search filters.

You can access the chat services through which you can receive and send messages to fellow members.

Free members can easily organize their live streams and see other members’ live streams for more spontaneous interaction.

Paid Features

Though you can enjoy many advantages as a free member of MeetMe, a paid membership takes your user experience to the next level. Therefore, most of the MeetMe reviews suggest members get a premium subscription on this site for enhanced features.

  1. You can see the users who have viewed your particular photographs.
  2. Advertisements are not visible to premium members.
  3. Premium members can access more advanced search filters, such as body type or ethnicity.
  4. Your sent messages are given top position in the inboxes of other members.
  5. Premium members can browse the profiles of other members on anonymous mode.
  6. If you have subscribed to a premium membership plan, you can use different profile themes to decorate your profile.
  7. If you want to access the site’s paid features, the chart below will describe the time, cost, and total amount of the premium membership plans.
Duration Costs Total Amount
1 month 6.99 USD/ Month 6.99 USD
3 months 5.66 USD/ Month 16.99 USD
6 months 4.17 USD / Month 24.99 USD

In case you cannot commit to a premium membership plan, you can purchase the credits to access some of the useful features of this dating site. However, credits can also be earned through live streams.

Credits/ Coins Cost Total Amount
250 Credits 0.01 USD/ Credit 2.99 USD
500 Credits 0.01. USD/ Credit 4.99 USD
625 Credits 0.02 USD/ Credit 9.99 USD
2000 Credits 0.01 USD/ Credit 14.99 USD
3700 Credits 0.01 USD/ Credit 24.99 USD

Credit works as the currency of the MeetMe website, and you can use the credits for the following purposes:

  1. Your profile can be boosted so that they come at the top position in the search results.
  2. Using credits, you buy diamonds and send them as gifts to the live streamers.

You can spend 2.99 USD to buy three spotlights, and 4.99 USD can be paid to purchase six spotlights. In comparison with its alternative dating sites, the subscription fee of MeetMe is much lower. The payment for your premium membership plan can be made through different methods such as Credit cards, Paypal, and other mobile phone wallets.

Safety And Privacy Policy

Safety And Privacy Policy

The safety and privacy policy of MeetMe is aimed at offering a secure atmosphere for the members of this dating site. The financial and personal details you include in this site go through data encryption to prevent data leakage to third-party users or apps. If you perform any commercial transaction on this site to pay the subscription fee, the transaction will be protected by the secure financial provider. In case you are not comfortable interacting with fellow members, then the perfect option is to unmatch him or her. You can also block or report a user whose profile is susceptible or who is doing unlawful activities on the MeetMe website.

In case you come across any doubts or safety issues on this site, you can also send an email to the customer support team or call on the helpline number. In this way, you can contact the customer support team 24/7. The customer support team of MeetMe always tries to resolve the issues of members within 24 to 48 hours of the launched complaint. Therefore, all the members of MeetMe can expect to have a safe and secure user experience on this website.

Review By Real Life Users

Review By Real Life Users

Members have always conferred positive reviews and responses upon the website. So, this MeetMe review focuses on some real-life experiences of this platform.

William, an 18 years old user, said, ” MeetMe is an excellent website with similar features of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, it has a particular highlight on dating. I have made some excellent friends on this site. I am looking forward to some more good experiences as well.”

Lilly also said, ” I joined the site a year ago, and within a brief period, I found many good people on this site. I also went on a few days with some people. My overall experience with MeetMe has been quite good. I cannot recommend this dating website more.”

Harry also stated his opinion about the website where he said- ” I joined MeetMe a few years back for casual dating and meeting new people. However, I found a wonderful relationship through this site. I am thankful to MeetMe for helping me to meet my long-term partner.”

Are The Profiles On MeetMe Genuine?

It has been stated earlier that MeetMe does not perform any profile verification process to examine the existing profiles’ reality. So, you cannot expect that every account on the MeetMe website will be genuine. While beginning to interact with your fellow members, you should look into the details and photographs of a profile. If you find anything suspicious about the member’s profile and activity, it is better to avoid or block such users. In case any member is seeking monetary help, you should not entertain them. You can also report to the customer support of MeetMe about such members to make your user experience secure on the site.

Is Registration Procedure Is Complicated?

Based on most MeetMe reviews’ statements, this site’s registration procedure appears direct and straightforward. A member needs to enter some of the necessary details to sign up on MeetMe. The registration process is free of cost. The entire signup procedure takes 1 or 2 minutes to be finished. To complete the registration, you need to fill up a brief form to put your name, birth date, email address, password, and gender. After that, the signup procedure will be over. On one single screen, you can complete the full registration. It is a positive thing that you don’t need to waste much time. However, you don’t need to go through any verification process to prove your real identity.

On the other hand, by misusing this easy registration process, anyone can subscribe to this site. Once you have registered successfully, you can get immediate access to all the site’s main features. Also, you will start to receive matches by the algorithm of the website just after the registration. You can create your profile and upload the photographs later as well.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

This detailed MeetMe review has discovered that the features and functionalities are more concentrated on social networking. Though the platform also has an extraordinary inclination to dating services, it cannot be considered a typical dating site. Even teenagers from the age of 13 can join this site and get access to its features. This MeetMe review has also found the group discussions of this site to be fruitful in exchanging opinions on different topics. Therefore, no matter whether you are a teenager above the age of 13 or an adult, you can join MeetMe with a simple registration and use the incredible communication features.

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