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Match review: Is It A Legitimate Dating Website?

Match review: Is It A Legitimate Dating Website?
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 18-40
Profiles 9 000 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Match is a renowned online dating platform that has enabled many single men and women worldwide to connect to find their dream date. However, it is not one of the recommendable dating sites. But, aside from the straight men and women, the website provides dating and relationship solutions to the single lesbians and gays. If you are looking for a dating website to find the love of your life, then Match is the answer to you. In the last 23 years, this website has helped users of 25 countries in over 38 languages to find a perfect partner for you. In today’s world, where every person is busy and has the least time for themselves, finding a compatible partner is a next to impossible thing. That’s the time where this website introduces you to an online dating platform where you can find a perfect partner for yourself without even going out and having a mess searching for it.

The search methods present in these dating sites allow you to access the dating field to meet your standards and principles regarding distance, personality looks, common interest, and Lifestyle. Match proposes a unique Reverse Match and Mutual Match builders, which organizes the list of profiles that are looking for someone like you. The platform aims at giving all users on the site and experience which will be worth their time and money. One more unique feature of the website is that if you don’t find your ideal partner within six months, they will give you an extra 6-months additional free membership.

The below-stated Match reviews with a detailed description will give you an idea of how you can get benefitted from the platform.

Positive Side & Negative Side Of Website

Positive Side & Negative Side Of Website

Match is one of the most popular online dating sites. It comes with plenty of features that smoothens the access to the site. However, it comes with several advantages and disadvantages that you may come across while going through the website. Some of them have been stated below.

Positive Side:

  • Here are some of the positive sides of the website.
  • Available In more than 25 countries, a sizable Global user base is activated.
  • Singles can find dates on their own with the help of multiple search tools.
  • There are many ways of showing interest for free, like winking, liking, and chosen as a favorite.
  • If a member feels burnt out dating online, they can attend local Match events.
  • A wide variety of choices and Discovery opportunities
  • Regular addition of new features and functionalities
  • You can check the active status of the other users.
  • Free 3 days trial offered to the users before taking paid membership.

Negative Side:

  • Here are some of the negative sides of the website.
  • The site does not instantly approve a new account.
  • Only paid subscribers can avail of the privacy mode.
  • The process of going offline from online can be lengthy.
  • The process of searching through all the choices, features, and matches can be time-consuming.
  • Changes in getting encounter with fake profiles
  • Customer support is unresponsive most of the time.
Quality Of Member Profiles

Quality Of Member Profiles

Match is the most popular online dating service existing in today’s world. It has users from around the globe for facilitating a massive variety of choices. Not only does it include heterosexual users but also users from the LGBTQ community.

The website’s user profiles include necessary information such as age, height, hair color, eye color, body type, and ethnicity. The profile also consists of sexual orientation relationship status and much more other information. The LGBTQ community preference at Match is a vast area consisting of almost 2 million LGBTQ members. Also, it has functions that are anonymous so that users disclose their sexuality at their even comfort.

Match is mainly a heterosexual oriented dating site. Still, at the time of sign up, sexual orientation is asked from the user since it also provides dating solutions to gays and lesbians. The website also asks for lifestyle habits like smoking habits, hobbies, political views, education, exercise habits, and whether a person is a pet lover. Match is not a place for people who are looking for hook-ups or casual dating. It is more like a platform for people that want long-term serious relationships. That is the reason the site asks for some very personal questions about your life.

Most of the Match reviews say that most users have found perfect partners for themselves with whom they are very comfortable and compatible. Many of them have got married, while many of them are still dating. Many users say that it is the perfect place for a person searching for a serious relationship and finding a reliable partner with whom they can be in a long-term relationship.

Users Age Segment

That member population of the website is 21,575,000. Where 49% are men, and 51% are women.

The demographics of the members in concern of age range fall the following statistics :

  • 18 to 24 – 16%
  • 25 to 34 – 22%
  • 35 to 44 – 27%
  • 45 to 54 – 21%
  • Over 55 – 14%

32 to 44 is the highest category of the age group in the user demographics of the site.

Real And Fake Profile

Real And Fake Profile

The safety of the users is a significant concern for Match. Although one can’t say that all profiles or all users are genuine, the user profile gets checked by a moderator before approval. However, scammers still find their way out of all these. According to Match’s Privacy policy, the site takes appropriate measures, including electronic physical and procedural, to safeguard your information from disclosure and unauthorized access.

Most of the profiles on the Match website are real and verified. So there is less chance of scamming and faking.

There are specific tips that you can follow to stay self-aware and safe from fake and scammers.

You should always protect your personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account information. Also, stay away from revealing your work or home address to people you are talking to for the first time.

Remember that the website will never ask you for your username and personal information. If you feel any such things, don’t delay reporting if you find any user suspicious who is anonymous from any profile page block and report that user.

Keeping in view the problem of faking and problem match keeps regular track by a background check where they weed out such people that they think shouldn’t be using their services.

How The Website Function?

How The Website Function?

To open a Match profile, a person is asked to fill their necessary details like email address, country and state, gender, and password, and this is the only time the Match website will ask the user those questions. The user is then directed to an online builder where you’ll be asked some personal information like age, height, sexual preferences, relationship status, hair color, body type, interest, eye color, ethnicity, religion, and beliefs. The whole process of sign up takes only a few minutes. Following this, the online builder asks you to fill up space where you will have to write about yourself within 100 words. Then you’re required to upload a picture of yourself. After you’ve completed all this process, you can log in to your profile.

After you have logged into the profile successfully, you will find a perfect match for you.

Also, you will be able to access many features for free on the website. But unless you subscribe to a premium, you can access only limited features of the website. But once you become a member of the premium membership, you can enjoy many features, including sending text messages or replying to text messages. You can also communicate via video calls or phone calls. If you think that you have found a Match for yourself and now you want to meet that person physically, Match has another feature for you. The platform organizes events where users can meet each other in person.

The website uses the latest algorithm and software to provide a safe and secure environment for its users. The website updates its software and other things from time to time to get rid of fake profiles. The moderator of the website reviews even every account before registering on the website. So, most of the fake accounts and scammers are rejected at the initial stage of account creation.

Unique Features

Unique Features

Some special feature which is also unique in the Match website are as follows:

  • Likes: Like is a feature that enables you to make a list of the Match members you have liked. But you can see people who have liked you only if you have a paid membership. So, any paid members have access to see who liked their user profile.
  • Voice calls: There is a premium membership feature called MatchPhone. It enables you to connect with the other person via phone calls. These features are not available for users who are availing free services of the website.
  • Highlighting your profile: If you want to be on someone’s top list, you can highlight your profile by clicking on the “Match Me” feature. It is a paid feature and can only be accessed by members who have premium membership of the website.
  • Organizing events: Match organizes events for its customers so that users get to know each other appropriately. It is a unique feature of this website.
Match Mobile App

Match Mobile App

There is an app called “Match,” available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Downloading Match mobile application is entirely free of cost. You can download it from the Apple App store and google play store. By using its mobile application, you can connect with other users, inconsiderate of where you are. Use the chatting functions and browse them from your mobile.

All the mobile app features are similar to the website; its features are arranged in a logical yet straightforward manner. Navigation on the mobile app is relatively short. You can even enable notification on your phone for any new messages.

No cost services

No cost services

The following features are available for all the users. Anyone can enjoy these features on the website, regardless of whether they have paid membership or not:

  • Showing interest– Without a paid membership in Match, you can have access to very few features. You cannot send texts, but you can show interest by winking or liking.
  • View Profiles for free– you can view profiles without having to pay for it. But there would be a restriction. You won’t be able to view plenty of user-profiles or enjoy features like texting, video chatting, and phone calls.
  • Free Registration– You don’t need to pay a single penny to get yourself registered on the website. You can register and browse the match website for free.
  • Matchmaking Games– A free member can participate in matchmaking games on the website for free.
Paid services

With a paid membership, you can enjoy plenty of features and can have a more secure profile. There are two types of plans for paid membership value plans and standard plans.

These are the following paid plans available on the website to enjoy all the features of the website. If you don’t have paid membership, then you can access only limited features of the website.

Premium Plan

Duration Costs Total
3 Months 14.99 USD/Month 44.97 USD
6 Months 11.49 USD/Month 68.94 USD
12 Months 8.99 USD/Month 107.88 USD

Standard Plan

Duration Costs Total
3 Months 12.99 USD/Month 38.97 USD
6 Months 9.99 USD/Month 59.94 USD
12 Months 7.99 USD/Month 95.88 USD


Duration Credit Total
1 Credit 0.99 USD/Credit 0.99 USD
5 Credits 0.80 USD/Credit 4.00 USD
10 Credits 0.60 USD/Credit 6.00 USD

Payment can be made through credit and PayPal account on the website.

The following are the unique features available only for paid members on the website:

  1. Better access to features is an essential advantage of paid membership. With a paid membership, you can access to making your profile private. You can also enable the quality of texting someone or replying to someone’s text, making phone calls, or video calls.
  2. Upgrading to a premium membership can make you a loyal member of the Match website, and you can join the events arranged by the platform where you can avail the free discounts.
  3. You can have a proper validation on the Match website. With a paid membership, you can have a wide variety of choices.
  4. By being a paid member of the site, you can have the advantage of adding yourself to the favorites list of a user.
  5. You can anonymously browse other member’s profiles if you have a paid membership.
  6. See who liked you. Only paid members can see who liked your profile and images.
  7. Getting high rank from other users on the other member matches list.
  8. Access to MatchPhone features for voice call.

However, these features are available only for those users who are using the website paid membership. Free members cannot access all these features. Paid membership of the website is quite affordable for the users.

Safety & Privacy Features Of The Site

Safety & Privacy Features Of The Site

Match has a perfect security system where the users’ profiles are first sent to a moderator where it gets approved. There is a regular background check so that to prevent other genuine profiles from fake and scammers. Moreover, with the paid membership, a person or a user can avail of the private account feature by which he or she can make the profile more secure.

However, one can’t say that it is entirely free from Fakers and scammers. To keep your profile safe, you should always be aware that there are chances of having scams and faking because it is an online dating site.

Anyone can report or block any users on the website to maintain their safety on the website. All the personal information of the users is encrypted to maintain the privacy of the users. The website uses the latest technology and software to provide a safe dating platform for its users.

Real Users Review

For every successful completion of anything that matters most is the level of satisfaction of the customers. Similarly, in Match reviews, the users’ positive responses have made it the world most popular online dating site.

According to Stephanie, ‘Match helped me find the long-term connection I have always wanted. Most of the dating sites are about hook-ups and sex and that is just not my idea of a relationship. I wanted real love and I got in on Match.’

Charlie from Alabama said, ‘I joined Match with a skeptical mind after my breakup from a long-term relationship. I was pleasantly surprised about the ambience of the platform. I shortly started talking to a gorgeous woman from not far from my place and we are currently building a strong bond with each other through Match.’

Are There Any Genuine Members On Match?

All the profiles in the Match website are authorized first by a moderated authorization. Most of the profiles on these websites are sought to be real. However, there is always a chance of having fake profiles. Users should be aware of while using the website and immediately report any mysterious profile.

The feature of the organization of events is an opportunity to determine whether the person you are talking to is fake or real. But before getting to know the person very personally, you should never share your details with anyone. Sharing personal information can harm your life.

Is Registering On The Website Difficult?

Is Registering On The Website Difficult?

Signing up on the Match website is not a very difficult thing to do. You can instantly sign up on the website. All you get asked is to fulfill a few information that includes your gender, email address, country or state, and phone number. After that, you can automatically get directed to an online website where you are asked some personal questions, put a picture of yourself, and you’re ready to find a perfect date and enjoy the world of online dating. So registering yourself on the website is quite simple and straightforward; anyone can register on the website easily without any difficulty.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

This Match review about the website gives a very positive response. Since Match is a top-rated online dating site, It has received many positive reactions worldwide. The privacy and security of this website are quite good as compared to other dating sites. Match is a paid website, which offers a lot of features. It also arranges gaming and different types of events for its users. It is a paid website, but when the users use the paid features, they find it is worth spending their money and time on the website’s premium membership.

Moreover, the security policies that this site of soils is rigorous, and there is a meager chance of fraudsters.

Match is one of those infrequent online dating sites which offers dating choices for the LGBTQ community too. Though it is a heterosexual oriented dating site, it also has matches for gay people, but it is not considered an excellent dating site.

This site is suitable for people willing to get married or glad to find love for a long-term relationship. It is not for people who are finding a partner for Hook-up or friendship. For people with busy life schedules who are willing to get into a relationship but cannot find a partner independently because of so much business in life, Match is the perfect platform for them.

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