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Kik Review 2022: Does It Offer Incredible Chatting And Casual Dating Experience For Teenagers And Young Adults?

Kik Review 2022: Does It Offer Incredible Chatting And Casual Dating Experience For Teenagers And Young Adults?
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Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 18-30
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The advantages of this dating site would make you choose this site over others include-
  • Periodical upgradations to add unique features. One such notable feature is the BOT that is used to operate various browsers.
  • Communication and interfacing are very smooth. The communication base is cross-cultural that encourages personal as well as group texts. The QR code of Kik makes it easy to search for different contacts.
  • The convenient locking mechanism helps you to be safe if you find someone suspicious. Kik has the feature of reporting profiles. The authorities can even ban such profiles.
  • You can use this site for free on your mobile and desktop.
  • Users are very young, mainly teenagers.
  • Youngsters are generally exposed to adult content at a tender age because it does not go through moderation.
  • This dating site encourages sexting, which can have negative consequences if the exploiters get access to it.
  • The platform does not have ideal dating sites' features, making it incompatible for the transgender community.

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Kik has it all, from sending cool gifs to casual chatting. This dating site can give high competition to Tinder because it comes with exciting features. If you are looking for dating sites, then Kik is not recommended for you. One of the most exciting things about this site is that you will not have to add your phone number to have a good chat. The messenger of Kik provides a balance between the maintenance of privacy and fun. Here you can meet new people without any hesitation. The messaging format introduces you to a splendid social culture. It also suits all the systems of the desktop as well as mobiles.

The texting mechanism of Kik is Canadian. The primary user language is English. However, the site allows access to at least 90 languages. The Bot translator enables a straightforward translation.

Presently Kik has its office in Santa Monica street of Canada. You can also contact Kik through their official website support@Kik.com. Earlier it was owned by Interactive Inc, and now the ownership has shifted to Medilab. It was first developed by some intelligent students of The Waterloo University, Canada, in 2009. From that time onwards, it has reached immense popularity because of its attractive features. This dating platform is available to youngsters from all over the world.

How Is The Quality Of Audience?

How Is The Quality Of Audience?

Most of the members sign up on Kik to have an engaging chatting experience with people from diverse backgrounds. Due to the user-friendly interface and accessible features, Kik has a user base of 300 million members. The majority of members are teenagers and young adults. You can find members from different countries globally, including America, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. Members of this site usually focus on friendships and casual relationships. You will not find people on this site who are in search of long term commitment or marriage.

Distribution Of Age Group

As mentioned previously, the user base of Kik is made up of young adults and teenagers. During the signup process, you need to include your birthdate to verify your age because the site does not permit access to users below the age of 13. The dominant age group of the members falls between 15 years and 25 years.

Are There Any Fake Members Or Scammers On This Site?

Kik has taken some right steps to make the experience of users safe on this site. However, the website still lacks a strict verification process to examine the identity of members. Therefore, sometimes, you can find scammers or fake members on this site. It is suggested that you block such users. Also, You must be cautious during your initial interaction with a new member. Even you can report a fake member to the website’s authority through the email address or helpline number.

How Does The Kik Website Function?

How Does The Kik Website Function?

Kik has a vast user base. Currently, it has a user count of 30,000 million, mostly young people. To use this dating site, you have to create a profile by giving your email id, password. You have to add a little bio and a profile picture to get started. The user bio should be a short but meaningful description so that another user can make out what type of person you are by a glance. Kik has several features of communication, like sending audio files, video chatting, and calling. Other than personal messaging, you can also indulge in exciting group chats.

After you finish with the registration process, then the contact searching option comes. Kik will suggest users according to your preferences mentioned in the bio. It will help you to connect with compatible people. You have the full liberty to accept or reject any suggestions. Gaming options are also available for the user through the Bot.

In Kik, different letters stand for other messaging terms. The S is for sending. When you are chatting with another’s user, the “D” will appear in faded color if the message gets delivered. It will become a solid color when the user opens the site. “R” will indicate that the user has read the message you sent.

The Bot installed in the Kik dating site is different from other browsers like chrome. In the bottom, at the right corner of this dating site, you will get additional features of the Bot. If you want to find new topics in the Bot, then go to the discover section. This section offers you features of chatting as well as other informative searches. Here you will be introduced to varying topics from astronomy to weather. It is excellent to kill boredom.

Unique Features

Unique Features

The Kik website provides some incredible features to make an excellent chatting experience for users. The site also keeps updating the features to meet the changing needs of the members. Due to its modern and upgraded features, the site has achieved popularity among teenagers and young people. Most of the Kik reviews have reacted positively to the features of this site. So, the fantastic features that will keep you hooked to the Kik website include-

  1. Group Chats: Using this feature, you can discuss different topics with 49 other members. It is one of the most suitable ways to connect and communicate with your group of friends on this site. You can create a group chat by clicking on the search icon of a magnifying glass. Next, you can choose the option “start a group” and include your preferable members in the group chat. There are two types of groups, including the public and the public. You can participate in a private group discussion by scanning the Kik code of the group. If any other member adds you to a group, you also become a group member. You can search for public groups with the help of hashtags.
  2. Kik Codes: The site offers its users a unique code that appears like a QR code. You can get access to the QR code by going to the settings of the site. Using the code, you can discover and invite your friends on this site. If you want to search a person through the code, you can go to the search icon and choose” Find People.” Then opt for the “Scan code” option and allow the camera to scan your code. After the scanning is over, you can begin chatting with your fellow members. However, you can get access to the Kik code through other online platforms as well.
  3. Bot Shop: This feature is specially created for teenage members of Kik. The shop is based on the bots operated on this site. The bots are made according to different topics, and you can discuss several exciting things with them. You can participate in the quizzes, get access to fashion tips, make new friends, read the news, enjoy fun games, and do many other activities.
  4. Third-Party Integration: Kik is not a simple chatting platform. Instead, it offers much more to its users for making their experiences more excellent. The site provides its users with an integrated web browser to use other apps with Kik simultaneously. Third parties have been able to update their interface as Kik due to this feature.
  5. Kik Web History: The Kik web history feature helps you access all the members you have searched on your online messenger recently. This feature enhances your chatting experience.
  6. Kik Partners With Crisis Text Line: As Kik is based out of young adult and teenage members, it has a special helpline through which you can anonymously talk to a skilled counselor about your issues over text messages.
  7. Video Chats: The video chat feature helps you communicate with your friends in a private or group video chat. This feature lets you see how your friends look in real life.

The Mobile App Of Kik

The app of Kik comes with all the available features in the desktop version. Android, iOS, and Windows mobile all of them support this application. So, you can easily access this app on your mobile device. You can find this app to be available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can register on this app as a new member or log in to your existing account by filling up the mentioned fields. Once you sign in the app, you can perform the search based on your phone’s available contacts. It will help you to understand which of your friends have membership on the Kik app. The mobile application has a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you can easily browse through the app and find the necessary features.

The app is particularly useful for young students and busy employees who are always on the move and cannot get their hands on a desktop quickly.

Free Features

Free Features

Kim is almost a free dating site that offers all the features free of cost. However, you need to make periodic payment for some unique features. However, the benefits that you can get on this site for free include-

  1. Sign up on this site as a member.
  2. Get access to the free personal chat feature.
  3. You can communicate with fellow members through the video call feature.
  4. GIFs and stickers can be sent to your fellow members.
  5. You can browse through the site using the specific Bot search feature. This feature helps you to explore, learn, and make your time more engaging on this site. You can also remove your doubt by using the poll.
  6. You can join a group with a maximum of 49 members.
  7. Get access to the QR code feature to make your communication with fellow members more private and secure.
  8. You can also use the bitmoji.

Usually, all the features of Kik can be available for free. However, some third-party services need to be paid as per requirement. Suppose the third party makes the premium range on the Bot of Kik. Using this paid feature, you can add a profile picture, choose a name and access some other site features on your Bot. The price of these features comes between $5 and $15, according to the number of your group members. Payment for third party features can be made through credit cards, debit cards, and wallets.

Safety And Privacy Policy

Safety And Privacy Policy

Kik is too conscious about its young members’ safety and takes the necessary dates to ensure its users’ secure experience. Individuals who are less than 13 years old cannot get access to the site. At the time of registration, Kik verifies the age of users through their entered birth dates. According to the Terms and Conditions of this site, if Kik’s authority finds a user younger than the mentioned age, Kik’s account gets deactivated. The personal data you put on this site is encrypted to avoid unauthorized or third-party users’ interruption. Also, the Kik code has helped to create a safer experience for members. If you make any payment for any third-party services, even then, the payment and financial details are protected by the secure financial service provider.

In case some user solicits money from you or carries out inappropriate activities on the site, you can report to the customer support team via email about such a user. You can even submit your other doubts and issues to the site’s administration through emails; you are allowed to send emails to the website authority 24/7. Therefore, even if you come across some problems on this site, you can expect your user problems to be solved immediately as the customer support team remains highly active.

Review By Real Life Users

Review By Real Life Users

The Kik website has always received positive reviews from its users, and it has helped the site keep growing and updating its functionalities and features. Some real-life reviews have been collected in this Kik review to give you an idea about what members usually think about this dating site.

Mandy joined this site at a young age, and this person said, “this has been my favorite site from the teenage years. It provides a flexible platform that helps to connect with friends and your partner. It is a reliable dating site which can go with some improvements”.

Veronica had some mixed reactions about this site “This proved to be a great chatting site for me. However, I was shocked when some new messages came to me from strangers. The group feature added was not enjoyable. I have to skim the unwanted messages and get in touch with my chatting partner.”

Najla gave an honest review about the Kik website, which goes like this “I have used better sites than Kik. The drawback of this site is its basic settings, i.e., weird text and color. However, it is pretty when you want to send a short and fun message to your dating partner. The unique emojis are cool. This feature sets aside this dating site from the crowd. However, they can go with some bug fixes. I want to know the real name of the people before starting a conversation with them. So that needs to be fixed too”.

Aside from the above, the trans people who tried to use this platform have not liked it since it does not have dating sites.

Are The Profiles On Kik Genuine?

Kik does not feature a procedure for verifying the identity of its users. There is no verification process using the user’s phone number, photo ID, or email address. Therefore, people can easily access the dating site without any restrictions. It is also effortless to make the pretension of being someone else as there are no mentioned rules for uploading information or photos. So, according to most of the Kik reviews, fake members and scammers exist on this site. However, most members on this site are genuine and join the platform to have exciting chatting and dating experience. In case you find any scammer on this site whose activities are suspicious, you can block such users to avoid further problems. You can also complain to Kik’s customer support team about such a member, and you can be sure that the customer support will ban such a user’s profile or take necessary actions.

How Is Registration Procedure On Kik?

How Is Registration Procedure On Kik?

Most of the Kik reviews suggest that Kik’s registration process has a direct approach and can be completed within a few minutes. You can easily access all the dating site features by signing up through a valid Email ID, accessing the website on your web browser, or downloading the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then the first name and last name need to be included. You can modify this information later. Also, you have to choose a unique username for your profile.

It should be noted that the site will only accept the username, which is still available. After selecting your username, you need to decide on a strong password to protect your profile. Lastly, you will have to provide your mobile number and birthdate. However, it is not compulsory to put the contact number.

After the registration is over, you are immediately allowed to search for other members on the website. You can fill up your profile and add photographs as well after the signup. The platform has made the whole sign up and profile setup very quick and short to enable its users to get to the website’s real fun quickly.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

If you want some excitement in your life, this Kik review suggests you certainly go for Kik. It will not only connect you to like-minded people but help you to chat with family and friends. This dating site gives you the liberty to accept and reject any request and contains all the security measures that don’t hinder a user’s privacy. Kik has its browser, which is stored with exciting topics. Mind-blowing features like opinion polls will erase any confusion from your mind. It is the first dating app that comes with parental controls to regulate any illicit activities. You can also block and report any profile that you find suspicious. The most exciting thing about Kik is that its availability is free. You can access and use the site on your mobile without any extra charge. The mobile version gives you a smoother experience. However, Kik is not recommended as one of the most reliable dating sites, as it does not allow transexual members. So, Kik is a one-stop dating site for teenagers and young adults of other sexual orientations.

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