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Grindr Review: Just Fakes Or Real Dates?

Grindr Review: Just Fakes Or Real Dates?
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Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 8 256 500
Reply Rate 72%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast Registration: It's effortless and straightforward to set up a user account on the Grindr app. You can start using the app's services right after the registration and connect with other users easily.
  • Large user base: More than 3.6 million users access Grindr daily. With a vast and active user-base, it becomes more convenient for you to find a suitable date.
  • Easy matchmaking: Grindr's registration form encourages members to be clear and upfront about their dating and personal preferences. It makes it possible for a user to get accurate matches.
  • Free is functional: The free version of the app is fully-functional. The only drawback of the free version is that it has a lot of ads. But even then, the ads aren't obtrusive. If you don't feel too annoyed by them, there's no real need to upgrade your membership to premium. On the other hand, you can subscribe to a premium membership plan for a more seamless and disruption-free user experience.
  • Geolocation: The app uses geolocation services like GPS to provide you matches in proximity to your current location. It enables you to meet your partner in real life effortlessly. But there is no other way to find a match, i.e., you cannot manually search for a user profile or virtually change your location to connect with a distant user.
  • Surface level: The user profiles are simple and enable you to view the user picture & information quickly. But these profiles do not provide an insight into the more critical matters like most of the other dating sites.

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Grindr is a gay dating and social media platform founded in 2009 to cater to the dating needs of gay men. While the mainstream online dating world is primarily dominated by apps like Tinder, Grindr is the gay alternative for men seeking a man. It’s no secret that social taboos and homophobia have prevented LGBT people from socializing. This app has helped millions of gay men find a suitable like-minded partner.

At the time of its launch in 2009, Grindr was one of the first dating apps solely intended to provide dating and relationship services to gay men. But with the passing times, it has become a globally renowned and largest gay dating app. Grindr has over 3.6 million daily active users from 196 countries. It is one of the best online dating platforms meant for gay men worldwide to connect.

Grindr has also been raising awareness regarding LGBT issues through its Grindr for Equality service. This service has now become a health-rights and human-rights issue. In 2019, the Grindr for equality donated $100,000 to various activists and organizations that provided helpful services to the North African and Middle Eastern LGBT communities.

The app is straightforward to use, and you can create a profile within a couple of minutes. You can check out the user profiles of other gay men near your current location using the filter settings. That’s not all; you can also see any member’s profile and photos without having to upgrade to a premium membership plan. You can also use engaging and entertaining services like chat, video call, send pictures, and more. But there’s always more to any dating site than just these features. This Grindr review aims to give you a complete overview of the platform’s specific and gay-friendly services.

What Is The Audience Quality On The Site?

What Is The Audience Quality On The Site?

Grindr’s website is mostly used by gay men who are looking to date, other gay men. As one can expect, women don’t use the website, not even lesbians, as the website mainly caters to the dating needs of gay men only. Grindr has around 3,000,000 from the USA only, and you can find from 2 million to 3 million daily active users on any given day.

Grindr website is most frequently used by gay men from the US, followed by Hong Kong (with more than 190,000 users) and the UK (with more than 1,800,000 users). Grindr is also very popular among gay men of New Zealand (with more than 120,000 users) and Singapore (with more than 160,000 users).

What Is The Age Distribution At Grindr?

What Is The Age Distribution At Grindr?

You have to be at least 18 years old to use the services of the Grindr website. It is used by millions of gay men daily, and most of the users on Grindr are between 25 and 34 years. But you can find older gay men aging over 55 years.

Are There Fake Users And Scammers On This Site?

No dating site in the world is entirely free of fake accounts and scammers. People with a criminal mindset have used fake profiles, phishing attempts, and other kinds of unethical means to extort money from various users. Grindr is no exception to this. The website has been dealing with fake user-profiles and scammers for a long time. However, the skilled administrators and moderators on Grindr work tirelessly to keep such accounts at bay and ensure that their user base remains safe and protected.

If you report a user account to be cheating or scamming, the support team will review the said account activities and take prompt action to ban the user from accessing and using the site. The website’s vigilant moderators and admins have successfully prevented a phishing scam on Grindr where the fake profiles were asking other members to pay for exclusive special services. The customer support staff immediately intervened and notified users about the scam. You can always refer to their subscription fees on the Grindr website’s home page in case of confusion regarding the website’s paid services. The support staff also banned fake accounts and reinforced their security measures to prevent such incidents.

How Does Grindr Work?

How Does Grindr Work?

Grindr is one of the top online gay dating platforms that provide top-notch dating and relationship services to its users. Under this Grindr review, you will know how the website works and what makes it different from the other usual gay dating apps. It is very convenient to register on the websites and use its features in a user-friendly layout. Online Grindr reviews suggest that the app is one of the fastest and easiest platforms that enable you to connect with millions of gay men on the go.

How to sign up?

It’s effortless and convenient to sign up at Grindr. Registration is entirely free, and it takes a couple of minutes to fill up the required details. You will have to provide a username, an active email address, and a profile photo at the time of registration. Once you provide the details mentioned above, you will receive a verification email at the email address you provided at the time of registration. However, if you want to register in a more hassle-free and quick way, you can use your Facebook account to register on Grindr. This process is faster since all the needed information will instantly get copied from your Facebook account to your Grindr profile.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that email verification on the app is not mandatory. However, it is essential to provide a genuine profile photo as your account will activate after your profile picture gets approved. You will also have to provide your gender identity, birthday, and age to sign up, along with the information mentioned above. The last thing you need to do is allow Grindr to locate you so that you get appropriate matches and meet Grindr website users near you. Along with the above information, you can add additional details to your profile related to your preferences and personality to improve your chances of getting a perfect match.

Read messages: If you are a paid user, then you will be able to see if your messages are getting ready or not. The feature works similarly to the read receipts on WhatsApp. It is an efficient way to know if a user is ignoring your messages or reading them. But you will have to subscribe to a premium paid membership plan to use this feature.

Favorites: You can mark a conversation as a favorite and get to the chat of a favorite user when you log in. It saves you a lot of effort and time and enhances your user experience on the app. You can also remove the conversation from your favorites if things go south and it doesn’t interest you to interact with them.

How to connect with people?

How to connect with people?

There are two main ways to connect and interact with people on Grindr. One is through Taps, and the other is through messages. You will be able to chat with users near your location even as a non-paying member. Messaging is free, and you will not have to spend a single penny for the same. Taps is a vote like a game that enables you to rate other users’ user profiles as Friendly, Looking, and Hot. It consists of emoticons that you can use to show your interest and intentions. For example, if you think a user is hot, you can tap on the “Hot” button to notify them of the same.

If you find the game fun, you can download the Gaymoji keyboard to get more than 500 LGBT-themed stickers and emoticons. You can download it for free from Google PlayStore and Apple’s AppStore.

What Are The Special Features Of This App?

What Are The Special Features Of This App?

Grindr website has many exciting and engaging special features that make your user experience unique and fun. These features are:

  • Gaymojis: These are LGBT-themed customized emojis that you can download and use to make your chats more fun and engaging. The Gaymoji app has more than 500 exciting LGBT oriented emoticons. You can use this app to make your discussions more naughty and expressive of your desires. The emoticons on Gaymoji are sub-categorized into fun times, travel, dates, guys, wild nights, and many more categories. Many Grindr reviews from the users indicate that this emoticon app has helped them impress other users while chatting.
  • Tap: You can use this feature to show that you are interested in a user without striking a direct conversation with them. It enables you to catch someone’s attention and gives them an opening to start a conversation with you. It is beneficial for shy people to initiate a conversation but want to express their liking to a user.
  • Discreet App-Icon (DAI): This useful feature will let you select how the app will show up on your smartphone. It acts as a security feature and prevents you from answering uncomfortable questions regarding your sexuality. This feature is free and can be used by both Android and iOS users on their devices.
  • Explore: This feature will let you search for the users away from your location by virtually switching your location from place to place. It is a paid service that requires you to upgrade your membership to a premium. However, the service is worth your money and provides you an edge over a regular user.
  • Favorite: This feature will allow you to bookmark a user profile that you find to be appealing. This way, you will be able to quickly access your favorite users’ user-profiles and connect with them instantly. The user whom you added to your favorites list will not get notified of the same. However, you can upgrade your membership to premium to know if someone has added you to their favorites list.

Does This Website Have A Mobile Application?

Does This Website Have A Mobile Application?

Grindr has a tremendous and engaging mobile app available on Android as well as iOS platforms. This smartphone app’s design is very straightforward, and it focuses on the people rather than the features. Both Android and iOS users can download this app for free from the respective app stores.

When it comes to navigation, the Grindr app is straightforward to navigate and use. The app is laid out in a modern layout and designed to provide an engaging and entertaining user experience. Accessing the Grindr website on a mobile phone is very cumbersome, and you might not be able to navigate the site on a mobile phone efficiently. The app highlights that you should meet your date in the real world instead of engaging in elongated chatting and virtual dating. All your matches, favorites, message, and explore options are located at the bottom of the Grindr app.

What Are The Free Services Given By This App?

Grindr is a dating app for gay men that provides all the needed features to enable you to use this app to its full potential and meet men of your choice. As such, it is fully functional even to a non-paying user. Following are the free features of this app:

  • Registration: Registration and profile creation is entirely free, and you can get done with the whole process in less than a couple of minutes. You won’t have to pay anything to register on the app and create a Grindr user profile. You can also upload and send multiple photos free of cost.
  • Messages: You will be able to send and receive chat messages without registering for a premium membership plan. So it won’t affect your ability to connect and interact with new people.
  • One tribe: You will be able to identify yourself as a member of one tribe on Grindr. Tribes on the app are a niche-groups. The tribes are named Discreet, Daddy, Clean-cut, Bear, Geek, Trans, Rugged, Jock, etc. The main aim is to filter your searches better and connect you with the men of your preference.
  • One hundred matches: In the free mode, you will get up to one hundred new match recommendations daily. It means that you will have many options to choose from, even if you don’t want to become a paying member.
  • Group chats: You can create unlimited group chats on the app and add your connections to these groups to talk to various people together.
  • Basic Filters: In the free mode, you will use the necessary filters to narrow your search for the most suitable match. If you want to use more filters, you can upgrade your membership to premium.

What Are The Fee-Based Services On Grindr?

Grindr has many great features, which makes it more convenient to meet new people as you navigate the site. These fee-based features on the Grindr website are:

  • No Ads: The main benefit of becoming a paying member is that you get an ad-free experience. If ads utterly annoy you and if you feel that they are intrusive, then upgrading your membership to a premium plan will help you get rid of it all.
  • Six hundred matches: Unlike the daily hundred match recommendations in the non-paying membership, here you will get up to 600 match recommendations daily. It will improve your chances of finding a suitable match on the website.
  • Three tribes: In the free mode, you will be able to select only one tribe, but in a paid membership plan, you can add up to three tribes to your profile. It will allow others who prefer your tribe to find you easily on Grindr.
  • Save and send chat phrases: You can send and save chat phrases on the paid mode. It will make it easier for you to strike a conversation with the users you like quickly.

Grindr has a paying pyramid of subscription schedules to choose from as per your suitability.

Duration Costs Total
One month 13 USD/month 13 USD
Three months 9.40 USD/month 28.20 USD
12 months 5.30 USD/month 62.40 USD

You can also get to enjoy unlimited features if you choose from these subscription schemes:

Duration Costs Total
One month 41.11 USD/month 41.11 USD
Three months 20.39 USD/month 61.17 USD
12 months 14.71 USD/month 176.46 USD

Are There Adequate Privacy Features On The App?

Are There Adequate Privacy Features On The App?

Grindr offers gay men a safe space to interact with each other. It is invaluable in a time where it is still frowned upon to see two men holding hands. The platform protects its members’ privacy since homophobia is still running rampant in many places in the world. As per the Grindr website’s privacy policy, it collects personal information of its users that includes account credentials, health information, surveys, mailing lists, community-profile information, audio, videos, photos, etc. Grindr shares this information with third parties to provide enhanced user services and relevant advertisements.

What Do The Real-Life Users Think About The App?

What Do The Real-Life Users Think About The App?

Millions of people use Grindr daily, and most of the gay men who have used the app have left very favorable reviews for it. Almost all Grindr reviews indicate that it is a safe platform for gay men to talk to and make plans with each other. It is also a secure way to find a hookup connection for casual sex. This is one of the Grindr reviews :

“I am completely satisfied with this app because it is absolutely safe. You can communicate with all members and not afraid of being scammed. You also will not see any bots because all users are real here.”

Are Profiles On Grindr Real?

Creating a Grindr profile is easy, and it does not require you to verify your email address. However, it is mandatory to get your profile picture approved on the platform. Due to this, there are many fake accounts on Grindr. But the number of such user-accounts is very meager, and the admins continuously push hard to eliminate such user accounts from the platform.

Is It Difficult To Register?


Grindr is a dating app where gay men can explore the endless dating possibilities without the fear of getting judged. It uses location-based services to help you find a partner in your locality. Many Grindr reviews available on the internet indicate that the app is straightforward to navigate and has millions of users worldwide. You will find that it is fully functional even for a free user. Overall, the app is one of the top dating service providers for gay men around the world. Join Grindr now to have the best online gay dating experience.

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