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Fetlife Review: Is It A Real Dating Site Or A Fake One?

Fetlife Review: Is It A Real Dating Site Or A Fake One?
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 30-33
Profiles 234 520
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Massive userbase- Fetlife has more than nine million users across the globe. It helps you to find people with similar interests in every part of the world. So, if you are at your home location or in some other city, you can find someone with the same interest.
  • Free Message- The site allows you to send messages to other users without paying anything. Most dating sites charge you money for sending messages, but users can send messages for free.
  • User-friendly Website and App- The Fetlife website and the app have a simple design and are easy to use. So, the people who don't have any technical knowledge can use the site without any problem.
  • Affordable Price- The site costs you much lower than other adult dating sites so that anyone can afford it. It offers you a lot of features as compared to the price you pay.
  • No Profile Picture in Most Profiles- Most profiles on this site do not have a profile picture. It does not matter how detailed the profile is; if you can't see the photos, it raises questions about the user.
  • User Interface Not Attractive- The Fetlife website and app have an outdated user interface. Though it is simple, it is not appealing to the users.
  • Ineffective Search Function- The search function doesn’t have many filters that you can use to find the right match. So, you may struggle to find a perfect match on this site.

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Fetlife is an adult dating site that allows you to explore your kinks. BitLove Inc. developed this dating site in 2008, and since then, millions of people across the globe joined the site. Unlike other dating sites where you might have to face jibes for your sexual preferences, in Fetlife, you will be in a community of people who have similar choices. The site allows you to connect to the people who love to enjoy sex in queer ways. Unlike other dating sites, this site works differently where you create a profile like you do on social media and follow others. You can post on their walls, send messages to communicate with them. The users on this adult dating site have diverse choices; however, respect for each other.

Many Fetlife reviews claim that the site has many features that make it a preferred choice among fetish people. So, in this review, you will get to know all the information you require to decide if it is worth joining the site.

Fetlife Review

How Is The Audience Quality On This Fetish Site?

Fetlife has a large number of users from every corner of the world. It has more than nine million registered users and around half of them are from the USA. The users want to explore sex in as many ways as they wish. Every user on this site loves to explore sexualities, and they are not bothered by what other people think. Most of the members on the site are male, and they are open about their sexual preferences. However, a significant number of females and transgender people are also present on this site.

The members are helpful towards the new people and make them very comfortable in the community. There are no restrictions in terms of age except that you have to be at least 18 years old. The majority of the members are from the age group of 25-35. The site welcomes members from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. In a word, Fetlife is a place where everyone can join and enjoy sex in whatever way they love.

How Is The Audience Quality On This Fetish Site?

What Is The Age Distribution Pattern Of The Users On This Adult Dating Site?

The site has a diverse user base. It does not allow the users below 18 years to join the platform. However, apart from this, there is no hindrance in terms of age. You can join the site even if you are a senior citizen. The majority of the users are youths, and below 35 years of age. However, you can find some users as young as 18 years of age and some above 60 years, especially the males.

Does The Site Have Fakes Profiles And Scammers?

Though Fetlife is an adult dating site yet, it takes the security of users seriously. It does not allow anyone to access the website without registration. You have to create a profile and provide your personal information to register on the site. It verifies the users with their mobile number. You need to enter a one-time password that you receive on your phone number. Without verifying that, you cannot complete the registration. It is an excellent way to keep the fake people and scammers away from the site. Moreover, if you report any profile as scam or fake, the Fetlife website checks it and takes action accordingly. These are the reasons why the site does not have many fake profiles.

What Is The Working Process Of This Site?

Most Fetlife reviews don’t give you the information on how the site works to help you find a partner for exploring your sexuality. In this part of the review, you will find complete details on how the site functions to have an idea.

This site works a little differently than other adult dating sites. It is like a social media website wherein you follow different profiles. You need to sign up on the site to use this platform not to allow guests to access the site. The site believes it is a way to prevent unwanted people from joining the site. To create a profile, you must enter a nickname, gender, date of birth, location, sexual orientation, and a password. Once you enter these details, you have to upload a profile photo and complete your Fetlife profile. Then you can see a list of profiles that you can follow or skip.

The site’s search function is not like other dating sites. Once you click that, you will have to enter one or more fetishes, and it will list the profiles. You can follow members of the list. There is a link to access some predefined fetishes on the site. You can select the respective link, find the profiles, and follow them like you do on Twitter or any other social media site. Once you find the profiles you are looking for, you can contact them by sending messages. Fetlife allows you to send messages for free. You can also post on a member’s wall provided they have not blocked it by changing the security settings. If you find a positive response from the other person, you can arrange a date.

The site has many groups where you can find people with similar interests. You can join the groups as per your preference and connect with like-minded people.

What Is The Working Process Of This Site?

What Are The Unique Features Of The Site?

The Fetlife Website is different from other adult dating sites. It has some distinct features that make the site stand out from the crowd of adult dating sites. Here is a list of the unique features of this site.

  • Large Number of Users – This adult dating site has more than nine million users from different parts of the world. You can find your fetish partner in your home location and any part of the globe; Fetlife allows you to be a part of like-minded people. It helps you stay connected with a lot of people and explore new fetishes.
  • Multiple Fetishes – The site has many fetishes that you may not have thought about it earlier. There are more than 60 fetishes on this site. You can find members with different fetishes and follow them. Moreover, there are groups of people for every fetish you can join to find people with the same interest.
  • Send Message for Free – Most adult dating sites charge you to send messages; however, Fetlife allows you to send messages free of cost. You can send unlimited messages to anyone without upgrading to a premium plan. It helps you connect to more people even if you do not have a premium plan.
  • Few Scam Stars – Most adult dating sites are full of scammers and fake profiles. However, Fetlife is different. This site verifies profiles with mobile number or email address. So, the number of scammers is low as compared to other dating sites. You can see many verified users on this site, giving you the confidence to connect with people on this site.
  • Specific Fetish Groups – When it comes to sex, people want to enjoy it in different ways. Some people like oral sex, while some prefer vaginal or anal sex. Many people like to enjoy couples while some have the fantasy of enjoying in groups. Fetlife has many groups where like-minded people join to discuss their interests and make a plan to meet. You can be a part of as many groups as you want. You can also make a group with members in your locality. Isn’t it a fantastic feature?
  • Events – The site has many organizers who arrange different events to explore their sexual fantasies. You can join these events to enjoy your kinks. It not only enables you to find people with similar interests but also you can also find people with other fetishes. Moreover, by joining these events, you can grow your tribes as well. When you know a large number of people, you can plan a meet up anytime you want. Isn’t that an exciting feature to have?

What Are The Unique Features Of The Site?

Is There A Mobile Application Available For This Site; Is It available for Android and iOS platform?

In this part of the Fetlife review, you will get detailed information about the mobile application. The site has an app for Android users, but there is no application for iPhone users. The app is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download it from a website link. In terms of the design of the application, it looks quite similar to the website. Like the Fetlife website, the mobile app also has a simple design. There is a Menu button at the top-left of the page. Most of the features and functions can be accessed from the menu. The app has all the functions and features of the website.

The website is easy to use; you can operate it even if you are a first-time user or don’t have any technical know-how. It is easy to navigate on the app; however, it gets stuck at times, but not on rare occasions. If you talk about usability, the app is user-friendly, you will love using it. Another convenience of the app over the Fetlife website is, you can stay logged in till the time you log out from it manually.

Which Are The Services You Can Use For Free?

Fetlife is one of the top adult dating sites. People love it because of the features it offers. Most of them are accessible without paying anything, and these are handy ones. Here is a list of the features you can access for free.

  • You can send messages with a free membership on this platform. Most dating sites don’t allow people to send messages without upgrading, but Fetlife allows everyone to communicate freely.
  • You can view the photos and videos of other members. It does not hide the images or videos for free members.
  • It allows you to join as many groups as you want; there is no charge for that.
  • You can post in your or someone else’s wall like you can do on Facebook.

Which Are The Services You Can Use For Free?

What Are The Fee-Based Services Of This Adult Dating Site?

The site offers many services for free; however, some services are only available for the paid membership. As compared to other sites, the premium subscription of Fetlife is much cheaper. It charges the users for a minimum period of six months for paid subscriptions. Nevertheless, read below to know the charges for premium subscriptions.

  • You get a Sexy Badge on your profile. It helps you attract more people and reach the maximum number of users.
  • The profile suggestions are more compatible, which enables you to find the right match easily.
  • The premium members can access the latest features before the free members can do so.
  • Get access to the most loved pictures and videos daily.
  • You get 25 times more access to the newsfeed of your friends.

Privacy Feature Of Fetlife – Is Your Information Kept Private?

Privacy is a very critical factor before choosing a dating site, especially the adult ones. It is because there are a lot of fake profiles, scam stars on these platforms. You provide a lot of details while signing up on a dating site. So, before choosing an adult dating site, you need to ensure that your privacy is protected. But how will you do it? You can read the privacy policies of the site to know what they do with your data. Moreover, you can read the Fetlife reviews to learn if your privacy is protected on the site. As of now, there has not been any report of violation of users’ privacy.

Fetlife takes the privacy and safety of the users seriously. It encrypts the information you share on the site. The payment process is protected by SSL secure connection so that no third party can access that information. Apart from this, if you observe any malicious behavior by anyone, you can report those profiles. Overall, Fetlife is a safer dating site, but you should be wise and must not share any personal detail with anyone as a user.

Privacy Feature Of Fetlife - Is Your Information Kept Private?

What Do The User’s Say On This Dating Site?

More than nine million users on this adult dating site speak a lot about the site’s popularity. Many users have downloaded the app to find their fetish match. Some of the users access the services on the dating site. Most users say they are happy with the site because it has very few scam profiles. Moreover, the members are co-operative; you will rarely find abusive people on this platform. The members are also very active and quick to respond when they are online. It makes the newbies very comfortable on this adult dating site.

Many Fetlife users find features exciting. It helps them to get connected to their fetish matches fast and quick. Some users say the site is secure, and they never felt their privacy is in jeopardy. If you read the Fetlife reviews of its user, you will find that most of them are happy with the services and reflect on their feedback.

Are The Profiles On Fetlife Genuine Or Is It Another Adult Dating Scam?

The site puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring that there is no fake profile. It asks the users to verify their accounts, which helps to add credibility to their profile. Most of the profiles have detailed information like gender, age, location, interest, background information, and many other details. Apart from this, the user can update his bio in the “About Me” section. Some users also update their profile photos. So, looking at the profiles on Fetlife, it seems most of them are genuine. However, before you get involved with any user, it is wise to check the credibility because you never know the real intention.

Is Signing Up On Fetlife A Difficult Process?

It is a very organized adult dating site. The signing up process is easy; you can do it in five minutes. The site does not ask a lot of details while registering on the account. You need to provide basic information like your email address, date of birth, location, sexual orientation, your fetishes, etc., to register on the site. You also need to provide a username and a password to sign up. The username can be anything, but it should be available. You may want to keep a username already used; in that case, you can try with a different one. In the case of a password, it should be at least eight characters, including letters and numbers. Overall, signing up on Fetlife is a streamlined process, and anyone can do it, even without any technical know-how.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an adult dating site to explore your fantasies, Fetlife can be a great choice. You will find many like-minded people in your locality as well in other cities to follow your desires. You can bring out your wildest fantasies with the users on this site. It is not for the people who are uncomfortable in trying queer ways while doing sex. The Fetlife website, as well as the app, is user-friendly so that anyone can use it. The site is secure, and it protects the user’s privacy. But you should not go on a private date till you know the members well. The price for premium plans is attractive; it is much cheaper than other adult dating sites. Overall, it is an excellent choice among the dating sites; you can try it.

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