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Adam4Adam Review: Is It A Reliable Gay Dating Site Or A Fake One?

Adam4Adam Review: Is It A Reliable Gay Dating Site Or A Fake One?
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 23-33
Profiles 1 320 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 4.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has many filters that help you remove everything you do not want in your dating partner. It enables you to find the most suitable match.
  • The site has a massive user base from different parts of the world. So, you can find a match not only around your home, but also in every corner of the globe.
  • There are thousands of active users on the site every day, and they respond promptly. So, you can find many users to chat with anytime.
  • It allows you to use all the essential functions and features without any charge. You can browse, send messages for free.
  • The user interface of the Adam4Adam website and app are user-friendly. You can easily navigate on the site without any technical know-how.
  • The design of the website and the app are outdated. It is not appealing to young users.
  • There are many fake profiles on the site. So, you have to be extra conscious while looking for a member on the site.
  • The free version of the site comes with a lot of annoying advertisements. It creates distractions while you are using the site.

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Adam4Adam is a popular adult dating site for gay and trans people. This transgender dating site was launched in 2003, and it has been popular since then. It is designed for the men worldwide to find a dating partner for casual sex; however, you may find a few people interested in a long-term relationship. The Adam4Adam website has many unique features that make your browsing experience exciting. The website and the app are easy to operate, and anyone can use it even if they do not have any technical knowledge. The site has both free and paid membership, so you can join it and see if you like it.

The gay dating site has a presence in different parts of the world. It helps you find a gay dating partner in most of the cities on earth. Though it has focussed globally, yet you can find a partner around your location. You can turn on your location while searching for a partner to see the members around your place. The site claims it has more than 10 million members from different parts of the world. However, many Adam4Adam reviews say it has a lot of fake profiles and scammers. You must be wondering if it is the right place to look for a gay partner or just another scam dating site. Well, this review will dive into all the details to ensure you know every information before hitting the sign-up button.

Adam4Adam Review: Is It A Reliable Gay Dating Site Or A Fake One?

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Site

It is imperative to know the advantages and disadvantages of any dating site before joining. If you know these factors, you can decide whether it is right to join the site or not. So, here are the pros and cons of Adam4Adam.

How Is The Quality Of The Members On This Site

The site has many users, which is a great thing; however, there is always a question mark over the profiles’ quality. So, this Adam4Adam review is aimed at helping you get an answer you have about the profiles.

You can see the profile picture of any member. A complete profile contains a photo, physical appearance, background information, sexual orientation, lifestyle, and relationship status; it also includes the user’s location. Adam4Adam does not conduct any verification of the profiles. Moreover, many profiles don’t have photos and hardly any information about the person. So, it is not clear if these profiles are genuine. The profiles with pictures and detailed information have little chances to be fake or scam. However, there are still some elements of doubt as the site does verify the users. It would have been great if there was an option to verify the profiles.

How Is The Quality Of The Members On This Site

What Is The Age Distribution Pattern Of the Users?

Adam4Adam is a gay dating site; people join here to find a sexual partner. The site does not allow minors to enter. So, you have to be at least 18 years of age to join. There is no upper limit to enter on this site, and it shows in the age distribution pattern of the site. It is a bit surprising to see most of the members are more than 45 years of age. Does that mean older people are more interested in finding a gay partner, or is it a particular case for this site only? Nevertheless, it is a different matter of study.

Does The Site Have Fakes And Scammers

This gay dating site does not verify the profiles; so, the chances of fakes profiles can’t be ruled out. Moreover, many profiles don’t have photos and much information about the user. So, it raises questions about these profiles. Moreover, as per many Adam4Adam reviews, this site has many fake profiles and scammers. Many users also point out the same in different online forums. However, the site is taking the matter seriously now. It is removing those profiles which have been found fake or involved in scam. When a member reports about a fake profile or scammer, it probes the matter and takes action. The site also reviews the details when a new member signs up to avoid any more fake profile.

Does The Site Have Fakes And Scammers

What Is The Process Of Functioning Of The Site?

This dating site works like other sites, wherein you have to create a profile to look for matches. You can’t browse for matches as a guest member on this platform. The signing on this gay dating site is simple, and you can do that on the Adam4Adam website or the app. It does not take much time to create a profile; you can do that in 5 minutes. Once you make the profile, it is reviewed in 24 hours, and then it will be approved or rejected. You will receive an email regarding the status in 24 hours. To sign-up quickly on the site, you can follow the steps here.

  1. Open the login page of the Adam4Adam website or download the app on your phone.
  2. Pick a username, a password, and enter your email address. You can also use your Facebook account to sign up. The site says they don’t post anything on your wall.
  3. Then enter your gender and the gender of your preferred partner.
  4. In the next step, upload a clear photo of yours.
  5. The last step asks you to confirm that you are 18 years old. You can do that by clicking the checkbox. 6. Then click the “Sign Up” button and wait for 24 hours for the approval.
What Is The Process Of Functioning Of The Site?

What Are The Unique Features Of This Dating Platform?

This gay dating has some unique features that you must know before clicking the sign-up button. In this section of the Adam4Adam review, you will get to know the distinct features. Here is a list of that.

  1. Movies – This feature lets you watch adult movies on a different website. You can enjoy adult movies on the Adam4Adam.tv website. It is a premium feature, and you have to pay to access it. There are three plans available to access the movies. You can go for pay per minute; here, you will pay for a number of minutes. The next plan is to rent a movie for 48 hours; you can watch it as many times as you want. The third option is to download a movie by paying a certain amount. You can purchase a film for seven days, thirty days, or a lifetime.
  2. Sex Shop – It is like buying cloth for a fashion show where the organizers are also selling clothes. Well, joker apart, Adam4Adam has a dedicated store where you can purchase sex toys. The price is affordable as compared to other shopping sites for sex toys. You can find all the latest sex toys that ignite your passion and gives you more pleasure.
  3. Plan a Trip – Adam4Adam allows you to announce your upcoming trip on the site. So, if you would like to make your next trip a memorable one in terms of sexual pleasure, you can announce it and invite others to join. If you love to meet new people in different places, you will find this feature very handy.
  4. Live Cams – It is another paid feature of this gay dating site. You can access the live-streaming on other Adam4Adam channels like A4ALIVE, Adam4CAMS, and Adam4AdamLIVE. It allows you to chat with the members privately and enjoy their sexual activities live. These are different sites, and you need to create separate profiles for those sites.
  5. Advertise for Party – This is a unique feature of this dating site, and it is available for free and paid members. It helps you to announce a private party on the Adam4Adam website. There is a dedicated page for that where you can post about the party. You can promote it 30 days before the date.
  6. Health Resources – It is another useful feature of this gating site. It allows you to access a list of sex counselors and the websites where you can get information about sexual wellness. The counselors have an account on Adam4Adam; you can also ask them questions. The site also provides information about the clinics, testing labs, and other necessary US helplines related to sexual health.
  7. Secondary Profile – The site allows you to create a secondary profile that you can use in some other city. You can use that to find a partner if you go to a new place. The best thing is you do not have to spend extra money for that.
What Are The Unique Features Of This Dating Platform?

Does The Site Have A Mobile Application?

Adam4Adam has a mobile application available for both Android and iPhones. It is available to download on Google Play Store and Apps Store. The app looks similar to the website; the design is simple but a little outdated. The design is not appealing to the youths. It seems the buttons have been cluttered one after another, and there is hardly any space between them. The site also appears to have cut down some of them on unique features on the app. However, you can access all the essential functions like browsing, liking someone’s profile, and sending messages. Like the Adam4Adam website, you can access the app in multiple languages like English, German, Spanish, French, etc.

In terms of usability, the app is easy to use. You can navigate from one page to another quickly. Unlike apps of some other adult dating sites, it does not hang anytime. Moreover, you can stay logged in always on the app. You can’t get this convenience on the website.

Which Are The Services You Can Access For Free?

It is a useful piece of information you must know. After all, everyone wants to save money. So, in this part of the Adam4Adam review, you will get to know about the services you can access without spending anything. Readout below to know all the free services of the site.

  1. You can create a complete profile with all the details.
  2. You will be able to search for a match using all the filters.
  3. can send and receive messages. It is excellent to avail of this feature without spending money. Most dating sites charge the users to send messages.
  4. It allows you to search for events; you can also post about parties and events.
  5. You can save up to 20 conversations.
Which Are The Services You Can Access For Free?

What Are The Fee based Services of Adam4Adam?

You can access the necessary services on this site for free; however, isn’t it good to know about the paid services? Here is a list of the paid services on this site.

  1. You can save up to ten different searches. It allows you to cut down the time for searching.
  2. Your profile is approved on priority.
  3. It allows you to add unlimited friends. When you are on an adult dating site, you want to connect with more and more people. This paid feature allows you to add as many friends as you want.
  4. You can block everyone who you find annoying or not attractive.
  5. This feature allows you to access the Adam4Adam website and app without any advertisement.
  6. You can advertise your services. It helps you to reach many people at one go.
  7. It allows you to save up to 200 conversations with the length of each conversation of 200 messages.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

VIP Access

1 Month / 6.67 USD / Month / 6.67 USD


1 Month / 20.00 USD / Month / 20.00 USD

What Are The Fee based Services of Adam4Adam?

How About Privacy Of The Users On This Site?

The site undertakes strict measures to protect the privacy of its users. It protects your personal as well as sensitive information like the payment details. The payment for Adam4Adam appears on the statement as SEGPAY.COM@A4A Network to protect the cardholder’s privacy. The site is also quick to take action if any user violates the privacy policies. It is mentioned in the terms and conditions that if a user does not comply with the privacy policies, it can suspend the user’s profile. If it happens, you can’t recover the account. If you want to use the services after that, you have to create a new account. So, it is imperative to read the policies of the site. It helps you understand which are the things you should not share on the site. Moreover, you also get to know what you must follow not to violate any user’s privacy.

How Are The Real Life Reviews Of The Members?

Most users say the site has excellent features that they did not find on any other website. They enjoy the special features like live cams, Adam4Adam TV, the store for sex toys, events, etc. Many users like the feature that the site allows to create a secondary profile for free. They can use it while they are in a new place. Usually, if you want to create another profile on any other dating site, you have to make a completely new profile, and if you are a premium user, you have to pay twice for two accounts. Some of the users have expressed their concern regarding scammers, but if you are conscious and do not share any personal details, the chances of falling in their trap are rare.

Are The Profiles on Adam4Adam Genuine Or Are They Scam?

It is one of the most critical questions that everyone wants to know the answer to. The success on a dating site depends a lot on this factor. If there are too many scam profiles, then it becomes very difficult to find a suitable match on the site. Many Adam4Adam reviews reveal that the site has a lot of scam profiles. You can see many profiles sending you messages that seem too flattering to be true. However, every profile is not like that.

Most of the users are genuine, and they have joined the site to find a partner they can hook-up. The best way to avoid the scammers or fake profiles is by joining the events. You can join those because many other members also join. It helps you to be familiar with many people, and you can expand your tribe. Attending parties and events enables you to find genuine users, and it is an effective way to avoid scammers.

Are The Profiles on Adam4Adam Genuine Or Are They Scam?

Is The Sign-Up Process On This Site Easy Or Is It Complicated?

Signing up on Adam4Adam is easy, and you do not need to be a tech geek to complete the process. Anyone can follow instructions in English, French, Spanish, and some other languages can create a profile. If you have gone through the steps mentioned in the sign-up section, you can find it is as easy as walking in the park. You can follow a few simple steps to sign up on the site. You need to enter your necessary details to register on the website.

Adam4Adam allows people to sign up using your Facebook account as well. If you use your Facebook ID, the site will access your name, email address, photo, and other information. However, it does not post anything on your wall. Once you enter your details, you need to wait for 24 hours to get an approval. They verify the information you enter; if there is something they find inappropriate, you will get a notification through email. If everything is fine, your profile will be approved in a maximum of 24 hours.

Final Word On The Site – Who Is It Suitable For?

Despite all the shortcomings, Adam4Adam is an excellent option for men who are interested in other men. The unique features of the site make it a preferred choice. The site has been in this business for nearly two decades, and its popularity is enviable to its competitors. Yes, the factors of fake profiles and scammers can’t be ignored, but the site has been strict about the users’ privacy and security. It takes strict actions against anyone who violates their policies. They don’t hesitate to suspend the profile as well. In terms of features, Adam4Adam is way ahead of similar dating sites, and it is the main reason for its popularity. Even with a free membership, you can search for matches and send them messages. Most adult dating sites charge you if you wish to send messages to any member. The paid membership comes with a range of features like live cams, adult movies, etc. which makes it a complete package. The premium subscription is cheaper than compared to other gay dating sites. Considering the features, it is worth paying for the fee-based services.

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